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CSKA signed with Brazilian goalkeeper (VIDEO)
петък 14 юни, 2019

CSKA signed with Brazilian goalkeeper (VIDEO)

Army men,

CSKA signed the Brazilian goalkeeper Gustavo Busatto. The 28-year-old GK has Italian citizenship and will not take up a quota for a foreigner in the team.

He is a junior of the local grand Gremio, with whom he has recorded several matches in various championships and even becomes a vice-champion of his homeland in 2013. Then he plays for more modest teams like Ignatius, America (Rio Grande do Norte), Atletico Goias, Apasteridense, Nauctico and Sampaio Corea. For the last few months, Busatto was part of Ithao (Sao Paulo).

After signing his personal contract, the footballer immediately left for Teteven, where he will have an individual training session today, and from tomorrow he will join the team.

Busatto is the seventh addition for the team so far. Before that, the team signed Peter Zanev, the Scottish Tony Watt, the Russian Denis Davydov, the Italian Diego Fabbrini, the Irishman Graham Carey and the Portuguese Nuno Tomas.

We wish Gustavo Busatto health and many successes with CSKA!



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