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Our judists won 18 medals from an international tournament
понеделник 22 октомври, 2018

Our judists won 18 medals from an international tournament

The judists of CSKA won 18 medals from the 12th "Todor Darakiev" International Tournament, which took place in Plovdiv. The Reds deserved their first place in the team ranking after their excellent performance.

In senior girls, Gabriela Dimitrova became a champion in the 52 kg category and Veronika Petkova grabbed a silver medal in the 70-kilogram. Our two representatives won the same awards in the women's competition, where Violina Georgieva (57 kg) and Sylvia Lacheva (63 kg) took bronze medals.

For the men and juniors - Georgi Dinev (90 kg) and Georgi Konev (81 kg) became champions. Golden prizes for men were also won by Kristiyan Manchev (60 kg) and Vasil Dinev (100 kg). The 81-kg Roumen Karadzhov took third place. Our juniors Kiril Mutafchiev (50 kg) and Vasil Dinev (90 kg) won silver medals and Dimitar Kabaivanov (45 kg), Vasil Velev (50 kg) and Borislav Radev (66 kg) left Plovdiv with bronze medals.



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