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Georgi Atanasov gave his book to CSKA Academy players
вторник 24 април, 2018

Georgi Atanasov gave his book to CSKA Academy players

The famous sports journalist, political analyst and great supporter of CSKA Georgi Atanasov made a gift to Academy players of CSKA - his book.

"The phenomenon CSKA - 70 Years Legend" has been on sale for a few days and the author surprised the young talents at the Army and wished them one day they to be part of the glorious history of the greatest club in Bulgaria.

The same wishes to the young players were also maid by the coach №1 of the country for the twentieth century Dimitar Penev, the director of the Museum of Sports Glory Aleksander Manov and the long-time host of CSKA Dobri Dimov.

CSKA Academy Director Stefan Yaramov has encouraged the talented young players to read the book, because in addition to intensive training, they also need knowledge to help them realize their dream of becoming a football player.

The book is produced by Enthusiast and can be purchased from the fan shop at the "Bulgarian army and bookstores in the country. The 300 pages are priced 15 leva.



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