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CSKA has improved its ranking
понеделник 26 март, 2018

CSKA has improved its ranking

The basketball team of CSKA was defeated from Akademik-2 with 62:81 points in the last game of the seond six of the men`s "A" group. The clash was held at the "Rumen Peychev" hall and it was battle for the first place. After the loss CSKA led by Yordan Kolev ended on second place and improved their ranking from the last season when we finished on fifth place.

In the second six the Reds made 7 victories and conceded two defeats as well as a loss from Vidabasket. Our team is made up of mostly youth players of the club, who in this season showed great growth in their game compared to the last campaign. The Reds could also have a better ranking, but the lack of major players due to injuries during most of the season has had a negative impact on the team.



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