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Our rhytmic gymastics contestants with medals from "Young Talents Cup" (PHOTOS)
сряда 21 март, 2018

Our rhytmic gymastics contestants with medals from "Young Talents Cup" (PHOTOS)

The CSKA rhytmic gymnastics contestants won lots of medals from the first international tournament "Young Talants Cup" which was held in Belgrad.

The competitors of Nadya Batova, Vivian Deliyska and Tzvetina Misheva presented themselves awesome and were appalled by the Serbian audience.

Gabriela Peeva and Viktorya Zaharieva won three gold medals each and Mila Ilieva won three bronze medals. Ema Mladenova became champion of the combination without a device, took silver medal and finished third on a hoop. Dariya Velikova is on third place in the. Eva Yordanova became the first three deferent categories. Natali Teneva won two silver medals and one bronze medal, and Radina Yordanova took a seventh place.

In the team standings Eva Yordanova and Dariya Velikova won gold medal, Ema Mladenova and Mila Ilieva - silver. Gabriela Peeva and Viktoriya Zaharieva ended on fourth place and Natali Teneva and Radina Yordanova on fifth place.



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