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CSKA won the Eternal Derby (HIGHLIGHTS+PHOTOS)
неделя 18 март, 2018

CSKA won the Eternal Derby (HIGHLIGHTS+PHOTOS)

CSKA defeated Levski with 1:0 in the first Eternal Derby for the second half of the season. This was the last game of the regular season was held at the "Vasil Levski" National stadium.

Due to the heavy rain the pitch was flooded and made it hard for the players. From the beginning of the clash puddles had formed in which the ball stopped and this caused problems for the players.

The goal was scored by Fernando Karanga in the 84th minute. Tiago Rodrigues crossed from faul and Karanga touched the ball with his back and scored the winning goal.

The amazing supporters of CSKA dominated at the stands, and once again Sector "G" showed some incredible choreographies.

After the derbie CSKA has 13 points lead in front of Levski. To the end of the season there will be 4 more derbies - 2 games from the playoffs and 2 1/2-finals for the Cup of Bulgaria.

CSKA - Levski 1:0
Goalscorer: Fernando Karanga (84 min)

Starting line up: 30. Vytautas Cerniauskas (GK), 11. Stanislav Manolev, 5. Nikolay Bodurov, 4. Bozhidar Chorbadzhiyski, 3. Geferson Teles, 15. Kristian Malinov, 6. Ruben Pinto, 20.Tiago Rodrigues, 17. Henrique Rafael, 19. Kiril Despodov, 9. Fernando Karanga

Substitutes from: 12. Georgi Kitanov (GK), 2. Stoycho Atanasov, 18. Aleksander Georgiev, 16. Raoul Loe, 25. Alexandre Barthe, 8. Edwin Gyasi, 7. Jean Blanco

Head coach: Stamen Belchev



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