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OSK CSKA: We will fight for the change
вторник 23 януари, 2018

OSK CSKA: We will fight for the change

On January 30 from 18:00 at the Central military club will be held award ceremony of the most successful athletes of United Sports Clubs CSKA in 2017.

The news was announced by the President of the OSK Georgi Kalchev at a press conference attended by the member of the Board of Directors of the OSK and the BD of the Cycling Club Georgi Katev, Stoyan Vachev - member of the Board of Directors of the OSK and the BD of the Chess Club, Vasil Iliev - director of the Chess Club, Georgi Velinov - coach of the CSKA water polo team and Bilyana Prodanova - coach in our rhytmic gymnastics club.

All clubs have given their nominations for the best athletes in the past year, but the organizers kept secret the names of our athletes who will be honored at the ceremony.

"Our fans and fan clubs are an example of the whole of Europe - they are always by our side and I invite them for the gala day in a week," said Georgi Kalchev.

In addition to giving away the annual awards, OSK has revealed that they are already preparing for the forthcoming 70th anniversary of CSKA. The motto that they chose for the holiday is "Sports and Culture - Face of Bulgaria".

"Everyone is a struggle, we have to fight, we clench our teeth forward and upwards to revive the Bulgarian sport Without the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport can not go forward, so we hope for their help," said Yordan Velinov.

"We will not surrender, we will fight for the change," the young gymnastics coach Bilyana Prodanova said, that in the club are practicing extremely talented children and together we have to fight for their better future.

"I am grateful to Marian Kolev, the owner of Hippoland and the president of the volleyball club, who is already helping the cycling club." We are making a new team of children and adolescents, but it is difficult, our sport requires very heavy physical workloads, they just like to ride a bicycle, and when they are young they give up a lot and do not want to continue to practice sports, "explained Georgi Katev.

"We have nominated our 7-year-old prize winner, as well as club veterans who continue to win tournaments," revealed Vasil Iliev.

"We have athletes with achievements at world and European level, who will receive the deserved awards during the ceremony. Welcome to the Military Club to see who they are," said Stoyan Vachev.

Apart from an official part, during the celebration at the military club the guests will be able to enjoy the performances of the rhythmic gymnastics contestants as well as the popular songs of Rossi Kirilova and the organizers promise more surprises for all those present.



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