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The Brazilian Geferson is already a CSKA player
неделя 07 януари, 2018

The Brazilian Geferson is already a CSKA player

Brazilian Geferson is now officially a CSKA player. The new player sign his personal contract with the club and on Monday he will make a first training session with the team at the Pancharevo base.

He comes from the elite Internacional Porto Alegre, with which the CSKA management finalized the transfer negotiations in the early days of the year.

Geferson Cerqueira Teles was born on May 13, 1994. He has a height of 182 cm and plays on the left back, but can also act as a wing. He began training as a child in the formations of Vitória, and at the age of 16 he was recruited at the International Association. His good looks, speed and potential are not hidden in the coaching staff of the men's team, where they offer him a professional contract at the end of 2014.

Only 6 months after being promoted to the first-team, the young man receives a call from the coach of the Brazilian national team. Until then, he has had several official meetings for Selesao's junior teams. On Copa America in Chile in 2015, being one of the few athletes selected from the Brazilian championship, Geferson is part of the star selection in which can be seen names like Neymar, Coutinho, Firmino, Dani Alves Thiago Silva, and many others. They reached the 1/4-final, where they drop off after loss from Paraguay after penalty shoot-outs.

In the different championships and tournaments, Geferson recorded a total amount of 49 games for the Internacional Porto Alegre. With this club he won twice the state championship and in 2015 reached the semi-final for Copa Libertadores. In the calendar year 2017, the left back played as a player of Vitória, with 35 games in all competitions he scored 1 goal, and the team won the title of Bahia region.

With the arriving of Jefferson, the new singigns of CSKA have so far become three. Before the Brazilian, the club sign with the Colombian striker Jean Carlos Blanco and Dutch playmaker Roland Alberg.



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