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Alexander Alexandrov is assistant coach of the national boxing team
сряда 21 декември, 2016

Alexander Alexandrov is assistant coach of the national boxing team

Alexander Alexandrov, one of the best CSKA boxers in the last years, was appointed as assistant coach of the national team of Bulgaria. He will be one of the assistants of coach Joel Arate. Alexandrov talked to CSKA.BG about his appointment:

"The president of the boxing federation Krasimir Ininski gathered all coaches and told us that we will work together in the national team. I will assist Joel Arate together with Palmi Ranchev and Valentin Poptolev. I will also continue to work at CSKA, but I will have a lot of work with the national team. The first training camp is in january at Belmeken. I expect 2 young CSKA boxers to be called in the team. They have a lot of qualities and have their place with the men's team.", Alexandrov told CSKA.BG

"CSKA has some very talented boys that can develop themselves and win medals at top tournaments. I won't mention names of course. In 2016 we have 12 champions in the republican personal championships - more than any other club in Bulgaria. CSKA has boxers with a great future."

Although Alexandrov is a coach at CSKA, he is still boxing at some tournaments. He took part at the republican championship in Sliven, but retired in order to give way to another CSKA boxer. "I retired in order to give way to Kiril Rusinov. He is young and deserved to play in the final. In the match for the gold he faced republican champion Daniel Asenov and performed very well. Kiro was surprised and told me that he expected me to recall him and play in the final. But with his performance Kiril took the attention of national team assistant coach Palmi Ranchev and we expect that he will be called for the training camp in Belmeken.",





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