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CSKA II ended in a draw 3:3 as a guest to Nadezhda (Dobroslavtsi)
неделя 04 септември, 2022

CSKA II ended in a draw 3:3 as a guest to Nadezhda (Dobroslavtsi)

CSKA II ended in a draw 3:3 as a guest to Nadezhda (Dobroslavtsi) in a match of the fifth round of the Southwest Third League, which was played at the stadium in Dobroslavtsi.

During the first half the hosts opened the score, but in the 36th minute Mark-Emilio Papazov restored the equality with a goal from close distance. Shortly before the break, however, the players of Nadezhda (Dobroslavtsi) scored a second goal and both teams retired to the dressing rooms with a score of 2:1.

During the second half the graduates of head coach Stamen Belchev came out mobilized and ready to find the complete turn in the game. In 65th minute Pavel Zhabov was roughly fouled in the penalty area and the referee quite rightly awarded an 11-meter penalty kick. Goal scorer Mark-Emilio Papazov stood behind the ball, who did not flinch and remained cool and scored for 2:2. After only 5 minutes Ilian Antonov gave the advantage to the army men who led with 3:2 after a multi-pass combination and scrambling behind the opponent’s goal. Five minutes before the final referee signal the hosts took advantage of one of their few dangerous attacks and managed to restore the tie at 3:3. To the end of the game the reds again rushed in attack but had no chance on front of the goal and the match ended in a 3:3 draw.

In the next round our team will host FC Kostinbrod. The match is scheduled for Friday September 9th and will be played on the club base of Pancharevo with a start time at 17:00.

Starting line up for CSKA II: 1. Alex Bozhev (G}, 3. Lachezar Ivanov, 15. Kristian Georgiev, 6. Martin Sotirov, 7. Mark-Emilio Papazov, 8. Brian Stefkov, 9. Aleksandar Georgiev, 17. Alessandro Nikolov, 18, Julian Iliev(c), 22. Victor Atanasov, 24. Ilian Antonov.

Reserves: 12. Kristiyan Dimitrov (G), 2. Iliyan Dimitrov, 5. Rosen Marinov, 11. Pavel Zhabov, 16. Dimitar Hristov, 20. Georgi Dimitrov, 21. Roberto Shtilyanov.

Head Coach: Stamen Belchev.



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