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First League: Cherno more 0-0 CSKA
неделя 22 май, 2022

First League: Cherno more 0-0 CSKA

CSKA and Cherno more ended in a draw 0-0 in the last match of the 2021/2022 season of the First League, which was played at Ticha Stadium in Varna.

In the first half the game was equal. In the 17th minute Thibaut Vion tried a shot from twenty meters, but the ball went over the door of Ivan Dyulgerov. After half an hour of play, the referee Ivaylo Stoyanov awarded a penalty kick in favor of the hosts for a violation of Thomas Lam against Benscha. However, the situation was checked by the VAR system and it became clear that the flanking player of the Sailors played simulatively, for which he deservedly received a yellow card, and the penalty was canceled.

In the counterattack, Graham Carey centered well from a corner kick to the left of Dyulgerov's goal. Kaloyan Krastev rose to the penalty spot and shot with his head, but sent the ball aside. By the end of the first half there were no other interesting situations and both teams retired at halftime.

The second half also started equally and most of the time the game was played in the central area of ​​the field and there were no dangerous goal positions in front of both gates. Fifteen minutes before the end of regular time, Ivan Turitsov had to be replaced. The reason was an injury that the right wing of the Reds received after a battle for the ball with Velislav Vasilev. Two great saves followed by CSKA goalkeeper Dimitar Evtimov, who first saved a powerful shot with the head of Velislav Vasilev, and seconds later a shot by Mathias Coureur, who found himself against him after a long pass from Zhivko Atanasov.

In the 5th minute of added time of the match, CSKA captain Meno Koch received a second yellow and respectively red card and left the field. By the end of the match the result remained unchanged after a new save of Dimitar Evtimov, who saved a dangerous shot in the corner with the head of an opposing player and in the end the two teams shared one point after a draw.



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