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CSKA puts on sale additional tickets for sector G on Saturday
петък 13 май, 2022

CSKA puts on sale additional tickets for sector G on Saturday

An additional number of tickets for sector G for the upcoming final of the Bulgarian Cup will go on sale on Saturday at the box office next to Balgarska Armiya stadium.

Thanks to the tightened control over revalidation and the sale of he tickets, more CSKA fans will be able to support their favorite team at the stadium because of the released number of tickets.

The ticket offices next to the fan shop at Balgarska Armiya Stadium will open at 10 am and will work until 7 pm.

Also tomorrow, the sold tickets for sector "A" will be revalidate, some of which were bought by Levski supporters. The organizers of Eventim have already declared the tickets invalid and they will be valid only after additional certification at the Balgarska Armiya stadium.

After 2 pm on Sunday, the uncertified tickets will be released for sale immediately before the match, which starts at 5:00 pm.



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