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CSKA and MYS sign partnership agreement for Balgarska Armiya Stadium
четвъртък 05 май, 2022

CSKA and MYS sign partnership agreement for Balgarska Armiya Stadium

Dear CSKA fans,

Our fruitful and constructive cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS), as well as the desire of both parties to be part of a transparent, legal and fair process for the construction of the new stadium of CSKA, led to another decisive step in realizing our universal dream.

We would like to inform you that the management of the club has already cleared our financial obligations to the state company "Serdika Sports Properties". After the significant and final payment of BGN 3,138,670.53 made by us, the balance sheets show that CSKA has already fully repaid the total amount due to the state in the amount of BGN 6 million and a half.

Despite the unforeseen circumstances and the difficult economic situation in the Bulgarian and international business, we inform you that the club and MYS have signed the long-awaited partnership agreement and we can now take real action to build our new home - Balgarska Armiya Stadium.

Serious work is yet to be done on issuing the relevant permits and approvals, but we believe that things will develop at a faster and faster pace and the necessary documentary procedures will be completed by the end of the calendar year.



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