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CSKA vs TSV Hartberg canceled due to bad weather
сряда 26 януари, 2022

CSKA vs TSV Hartberg canceled due to bad weather

The friendly game CSKA vs TSV Hartberg will not take place. It was scheduled for this morning, the teams made their warm-ups and just as the three referees were expected to take them out for the start of the match, the owner of the Arcadia complex banned the match due to the weather conditions.

This caused dissatisfaction in the headquarters of the two teams, who wanted the match to take place, but in the end the teams had to return to their hotels. The Reds immediately went to a smaller pitch at their base to compensate with training.

CSKA management will take the initiative to find another rival for the afternoon, as the Austrians are scheduled to travel to their homeland.

However, a possible new match still depends on many factors, which unfortunately cannot be controlled by the Reds.

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