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Rainbow for CSKA in Alanya (VIDEO and PHOTOS)
сряда 12 януари, 2022

Rainbow for CSKA in Alanya (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

A multicolored rainbow delighted CSKA players and coaches in Alanya during today's training. The natural phenomenon was accepted as a good omen by all and in the hope that the rainy days will soon pass.

It was because of the heavy rain in the morning that the activity was adapted to take place entirely in the gym.

Regardless of the meteorological conditions, however, the first week of CSKA's winter training camp went according to plan and mostly without injuries of the players.

In the first days there were 2-3 players who were treated more carefully because of their previous injuries, but for several days the whole group has been training at full speed.

The return of defender Meno Koch is especially gratifying. The Dutchman, who was out of action for 6 months due to surgery, has now fully recovered and is looking forward to his first minutes of play in the controls. Midfielders Federico Varela, Amos Youga and Bradley Mazikou, who missed some official games of the team in December, have no health complaints.

The teenagers preparing with the team - the defender Rosen Bozhinov and the midfielder Georgi Chorbadzhiyski - also put a lot of effort into the activities. The goalkeeper Aleks Bozhev also spared nothing from the heavy workload of the goalkeeper team and he dutifully learned from the 'big guys' Gustavo Busatto and Dimitar Evtimov.

The training process itself is quite intense and varied. In the morning trainings the priority is to improve the condition, and in the afternoon classes game and tactical elements are improved. The preparation is going according to plan - intensive, stressful and without injuries.



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