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Sports Club Sambo and Judo CSKA - HISTORY

Sports Club Sambo and Judo CSKA - HISTORY

Sambo in CSKA has a 48 year long tradition. The beginning is given in the year 1968 from the passed away Neiko Delin, who very boldly brings the club to the tradition for CSKA peaks. In the years the competitors for Sambo in CSKA are able to get an array of awards and give to Bulgaria many European and world champions in this sport.

Georgi Yusev is born on the 7th of May 1959, his whole career goes through CKSA. Yusev becomes a world champion in sambo in the year 1987. After the end of his active career he continues as a coach in CSKA and an assistant in the state team.

In 1991 he gets into the board of managers of the federation and in 1996 he gets an award for being an apostle in the sambo mission and he is chosen for a secretary general. In these years the Sambo becomes famous and its popularity is higher than most Olympic sports.

His enthusiasm is not left unattained by the European Federation. He is chosen as a chairman of the refereeing commission and from 2004 he becomes executive comitee of European Social Fund.

One of the most renowned names in the sambo is the name of Boris Borisov. The big peak for him is in the year 2014 where he becomes a world champion.

Boris Borisov is sure, that every person who is competing for CSKA, cannot be a mediocre athlete and he always has to be impetuous towards reaching new heights both in Bulgaria and in the world. The emblem of the Army Men comes with duties.

Valentin Minev is another important figure in the Red Sambo. Except his many titles on a republican level he is able to reach European heights on a championship in Varna in 1982, when he triumphs with the gold in the category up to 62 kg.

The club in Sambo continues its progress during the new century, when the sport becomes even more popular. In the last ten years CSKA has over 60 medals on the European and world stage. A mark in history has left the accomplishment of Ivan Iliev who is a five times European champion for men in the category over 100 kg, and now he is able to win a lot of medals on world championships in the last few years.

In the women category the red athletes also have many international accomplishments, which are connected with the name of Maria Oriashkova, she became a six time European champion and five time world champion.

Other known name in the women category are Vania Ivanov a and Maria Yancheva, which are also winners on the world stage at different periods of time.

This way the sambo becomes one the most developing clubs in the area of CSKA and is continuing to complete successfully the mission and create champions with the red tracksuits.

Judo has a 45-year long history at CSKA. The section devoted to this Olympic sport was founded in 1967 by Bozhik Zlatkov, who consequently prepared the first ever Bulgarian Judo player to reach a fight for a medal at the World Championship - Vasil Penchev. This happened in 1972 in the absolute category.

The great success, however, came in the 80s. In 1981, Atanas Valchev, in the 86 kilogram category, became the first ever European Junior Champion from Bulgaria. A year later Atanas Gerchev won a silver medal at the European Men's championship in the category up to 60 kilograms. CSKA's Judo club is among the ones that managed to continue its ascend even after the political changes in 1989, and in the 21st century, a new golden age for CSKA's judo was achieved. From 2000 to this day, CSKA's judo players have won over 30 medals at European and World Championships, which is an all-time peak for the sport in Bulgaria. Ivan Iliev became the first, and so far, the only judo player In Bulgarian history, who managed to reach the Grand Slam with three medals in one year. In 2004, Iliev won a bronze medal at the European Junior Championship, a silver medal at the European Men's Championship for those under 23, and a bronze medal from the World Championship - the only person to do so in the history of Judo among youths. In total, Ivan Iliev possesses six prizes from big international tournaments for men and boys. The highest peak in Bulgarian Judo history was thanks to Georgi Georgiev, who won the bronze medal at the Olympic games in Athens in 2004. Besides the great success in Athens, Georgiev also won the bronze at three European Championships in the period from 2000 to 2006.

The newest CSKA Judo star is is Ivaylo Ivanov. In 2010, he won the European prize for cadets, and three years later, he was the European men's champion. Ivanov's biggest triumph to date is the Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

Judo at CSKA is also well represented with strong contestants among women. Ivelina Ilieva is the bearer of five medals from European and World championships for women and girls, while Maria Yancheva is the proud winner of two silver medals from European championships for girls.




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