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Freestyle wrestling CSKA - HISTORY

Freestyle wrestling CSKA - HISTORY

Wrestling is one of the sports in which CSKA has enormous traditions. The club has won numerous titles on a national level throughout the years, and some of the biggest Bulgarian champion hail from the academy of "red wrestling".

Some of the biggest stars of Bulgarian wrestling come from CSKA; they've won tens of medals from Olympic Games, World and European championships.

It is enough to mention a legendary competitor like Valentin Yordanov, who has won a total of 7 world titles for Bulgaria, a gold medal from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, along with many other achievements.

Yordanov came to CSKA in 1978 and started training under the guidance of Yancho Patrikov. He competed for the Army team until 1990, and during that period he won four world titles in the category under 52 kilograms, silver at the championship in Tokyo and bronze in Budapest.

Another significant figure is Georgi Yanchev, who competed in the category under 100 kilograms. Yanchev is the European champion from the 1986 championship in Athens.

Georgi Yanchev is the bearer of a silver medal from the European championship in 1983 and bronze from 1987.

He has two more bronze medals from world championships - 1983 and 1986.

In 1979, a peculiar thing happened, one that most likely has no parallel in the history of wrestling. Georgi Yanchev will never forget it and tells about it through a smile.

CSKA has always consisted of competitors whom Bulgaria can trust, regardless of the sport in question. The Army team is the pride of our motherland, and the facts that support that claim are numerous.

Alexandar Nanev is also a product of CSKA's freestyle wrestling academy. He is a two time European champion from the tournaments in Athens (1986) and Veliko Tarnovo (1987) He is also the European bronze medalist for 1979 and 1988.

Nanev came close to being world champion three times, but not close enough. In all three cases he was left with the silver - in 1985, 1986 and 1987. Once, he came third in the SP - in 1977. He is the bearer of the golden belt of Dan Kolov for 1988. After completing his career, Nanev became a coach. He guided our national team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

A representative of wrestling is the current USC CSKA chairman Georgi Kalchev. He competed in the freestyle category under 57 kilograms. Kalchev's biggest success was his European title from the 1986 championship in Athens, Greece.

Kalchev was also twice a bronze medalist at the European championships in 1984 and 1987. At the world championships, he won silver in 1986 and bronze in 1985.

When speaking about wrestling at CSKA, we can't ignore Kamen Penev. During his competitive career, he won all national competitions in his category, along with numerous international achievements. While still at school in Svishtov, he became Bulgaria's pioneer champion in the 7th grade and the youth champion in the 8th. This was followed by a string of first places in Bulgaria - in 1977, at the "Druzhba" tournament, in 1978 - among youths younger than 22, and in 1980 - among men below 68 kg. He has won prizes at international tournaments.

In 1987, Kamen Penev was second among the youths at the European championship in Finland. In 1981 he won third place at the world championship in Skopje and became a well-deserved master of sports. This was followed by a first place in 1983 at the European championship in Budapesta for men under 68 kg, and a third place at the World championship in Kiev. The winning streak continued in 1984 - third place at the European championship in Sweden, second place at the international tournament in Sofia.

The last proof that CSKA is more than just glorious past is the fact that Kiril Terziev - bronze medalist from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing - grew up as a competitor in CSKA.

Currently, CSKA's tradition in freestyle wrestling is continued through the current wrestling club Armeets - freestyle wrestling CSKA.



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