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Water polo CSKA - HISTORY

Water polo CSKA - HISTORY

Water polo is one of the oldest Olympic sports, officially proven to be the hardest sport in the world. CSKA's water polo club was founded in 1948. Throughout the years, CSKA has established itself as the most successful water polo team in Bulgaria - history, of which each competitor and coach is proud.

The "Army men" are the team with the most titles out of any Bulgarian team, and with the most success on the international scene.

In 1983, Bulgaria's national team, made up almost completely of CSKA's competitors, managed to win the challenging international Diana Cup tournament. The tournament is considered a mini-world championship, and only the world's strongest teams participated in it. The first Bulgarian player to compete for a foreign team also hails from CSKA. Vasil Nanov leaves for Italy in 1987.

CSKA's participation in the European Champion's Cup Tournament in 1989 was one of their strongest. In the quarterfinals, the "Army" team heroically meet the reigning champions of European Water Polo - Mladost Zagreb - and dramatically fall to their talented oponents.

In its history, CSKA has won 38 state titles and has won the Bulgarian cup over 30 times.

With lots of hard work and practice, CSKA's coaches have created almost all big Bulgarian water polo competitors.

A big part of the competitors from Bulgaria's water polo team of the century have come out of CSKA's academy.

The most successful Bulgarian water polo player, Europe's goalmaster for 2011-2012 - Svilen Piralkov - used to compete for CSKA.

The "Army" have always been the backbone of Bulgaria's national team during its strongest results at Olympic games, World and European championships.

One of the best goalkeepers in Bulgarian water polo - Delcho Valkov from CSKA - was chosen as the best goalkeeper in Europe at the tournament in Tenerife, Spain. The curious thing is that our team finished seventh in the competition, but our goalkeeper was first, which is saying something.

As an heir to year-long tradition in water polo, CSKA aims to continue developing water polo at a high level in Bulgaria. The aim of the club is to get back the old glory of water polo as one of the most successful team sports.

In order to achieve this, in recent years CSKA made serious changes, hiring as coaches young specialists with proven qualities as competitors and with the needed education and ambition to develop.

The success of the club has been achieved largely thanks to the personal efforts, grants and financial assistance by athletes and leadership. Despite limited financial resources, "CSKA" manages to fight against clubs with powerful sponsors. Even in the current difficult financial situation, the club presents a very high level of skill, winning the Cup of Bulgaria and title for men in 2015.



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