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Sports acrobatics CSKA - HISTORY

Sports acrobatics CSKA - HISTORY

Sports acrobatics in CSKA dates back to 1981. with the appointment of a full-time coach Yuri Indzhov.

The idea for creating sports acrobatics towards the sports gymnastics was given by Manol Manolov-head of gymnastics at the time.
With the emergence of the Republican League, players of CSKA conquer the first medals. In 1982, a section for sports acrobatics is formed with President Mincho Todorov.

At the World Cup in 1982 in London, Elena Filipova with personal trainer Nikolay Mihov earned the first bronze medal for the Red Club. Then, with the appointment of Krasya Teneva and choreographer Daniela Hinkova, a very good coaching staff is formed. In combination with the power of the "Red Jersey", it leads to new impressive results.

Years of excellent results from World Championships, world cups and European Championships follow.

The beginning was made by the trio Angelina Madzharova, Silva Minkova and Sonia Goneva, who were awarded with three gold medals at the World Cup in in Sofia in 1984.

Only a year later, the "army" trio achieved another peak. At the European Championships in Germany in 1985, Angelina Madzharova, Silva Minkova and Sonia Goneva earned Golden medals.

And although our golden girls suspended their sports careers, the Red Club gave birth to a new golden trio.

The new trio Lyubov Cholakova, Sonya Angelova and Lyudmila Krasteva are the undisputed champions of the World Cup in Rennes, France in 1986. They duplicated their success at the European Championships next year in Wroclaw, Poland.

Year after year CSKA continues to enrich its collection of medals. Multiple gold medallists are Boyanka Angelova, who is announced for the acrobat with the most titles in Bulgaria, Vasilena Penova, Sonya Angelova, Lyudmila Krasteva, Yordan Cincarski, Georgi Milev, Borislava Stankova.

During 1995 and 1996, our joint couple Ivaylo Kacov and Kapka Tododrova became World, and then the European champions.

CSKA's tradition to gather medals not only from National but also from World and European Championships and World cups continues well after 2000, when the competition in the world becomes even better, and the sport in Bulgaria declines. In 2005 at the European Championships in Athens, another strong mixed couple of CSKA Nedko Konstantinov and Ivona Stefanova again get on the podium, taking the bronze medal.

One of the young talents of the Red school Dennis Andreev, proudly competes for CSKA as well and continues to gain medals in the footsteps of his predecessors.

Similarly to all other sports, the Sport Acrobatics of CSKA is the most awarded club in Bulgaria. The number of medals that the club is winning are increasing with every single day.



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