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Rhythmic Gymnastics CSKA - HISTORY

Rhythmic Gymnastics CSKA - HISTORY

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the sports, in which CSKA has initiated the largest Bulgarian achievements and has produced some of the most widely famous athletes which are known worldwide.

The beginning of rhythmic gymnastics is connected with the name of the legendary Zhulieta Shishmanova. She starts her career in sports gymnastic during her school years. In the fifties Shishmanova heads towards her gymnastics career and she initiates the Bulgarian academy in this sport. Her largest contributions is during her time as a coach. Some of her students are the legends in gymnastics Maria Gigova, Neshka Robeva, Rumyana Stefanova and Krasimira Filipova. For the major contribution towards the development of rhythmic gymnastics Zhulieta Shishmanova was awarded with many awards from the Bulgarian state. One of her students Mariq Gigova, is the gymnast which has the first worldwide accomplishments in CSKA and Bulgaria for this sport. The first accomplishment came in the World championship in the Czech Republic in 1965.

Two years later, in Copenhagen, comes the first golden medal in a world championship, which is won in the discipline with hoop. In 1969 Gigiova won her first world title in the twelve exercise competition additionally she got golden medals in the disciplines without a device, with a hoop, with a rope and a silver medal with a ball. The triumph of Maria Gigova continues in the World Championship in Havana where in 1971 she again wins a world title in the twelve exercise competition together with a golden medal in the discipline with bats and a silver medal in the discipline with ribbons.

Her third world championship title she wins in Rotterdam in 1974 where she wins golden medals in the disciplines twelve exercise competition, with a bat, with a hoop and a silver medal in the discipline with hoops.

Maria Gigova remains a gymnast even after her fruitful and glorious career. For many years she remained in the leading positions of the Bulgarian and world federation of gymnastics, where she also gives a serious contribution for the development of the sport.

The other student of Zhulieta Shishmanova in the Reds rhythmic gymnastics was Rumiana Stefanova, who together with Maria Gigova makes the Bulgarian academy famous worldwide. Stefanova participates in 4 world championships, two of which she wins two golden medals with ensemble routines from the championships in Varna and Havana, and a silver medal from Copenhagen. She is also a winner in many republican and international competitions. She dies in an airplane crash together with Zhulieta Shishmanova and the women from the national team on the 16th of March 1978 on their way to the competition in Poland.

The first Olympic medal for Bulgaria in Rhythmic Gymnastics is also won by a CSKA athlete. This is Adriana Dunavska, who wins a silver medal in Seoul.

The career of Dunavska, which trained under the guidance of Borislava Kiutchukova and Svetla Kolchevska, had many peeks moment, such as a golden medal in the discipline with ball during the championship in 1986, gold in the discipline with ribbon and a silver in the twelve exercise competition during the world championship in Varna in 1987, a European title in the twelve exercise competition in Helsinki in 1988 and a European cup in 1989 in Hanover.

Adriana Dunavska wins a bronze medal in the twelve exercise competition in the world championship in 1989 in Sarajevo. Her twin sister Kamelia also leaves a serious trace in the history of rhythmic gymnastics as a part of the ensemble of the national team.

Kamelia Dunavska won golden medals in the European championship in Helsinki in 1988 and from the world championship in Varna in 1987.

After the end of her career Kamelia Dunavska became a coach in rhythmic gymnastics and for a short period a time a coach of the national ensemble.

The person who keeps the spark in CSKA and is in control is Evgenia Stoeva. She is the vice chairman of the rhythmic gymnastics club she had devoted her life to this.

In the new era of rhythmic gymnastics in CSKA Biliana Prodanova is the most famous and recognizable name. The path of Biliana Prodanova is covered with tears because of the injuries that she got, but there are also tears of joy, which she will never forget.
Independently from all of the victories in the past and in the present, the club for rhythmic gymnastics continues to have harsh times, which are shared in all of the Reds teams.

Those who wish to practice this gracious sport in CSKA are too many, not one kid was rejected and because of this for the last 10 years we have a second club "Dunav CSKA", so everyone can participate in republican championships.



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