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Cycling in Bulgaria has over a hundred year history. The beginning is set in the year 1902 from group of enthusiasts from the town of Ruse and the sport soon gains popularity in the country. CSKA also develops cycling in the range of their cycling club and gives to Bulgaria two of the brightest names in the sport on two wheels.

The first serious success came in the 60s and are connected with the name of Dimitar Kotev.

During the years Dimitar Kotev won many cups and awards both in Bulgaria and on the international scene. He is part of the national team of Bulgaria, who won the Tour of Marmara Sea in the year 1967. Two years later he won the fourth place on the world championship on a track in Brno.

After that in the years of Bulgarian cycling, with the front lines the competitors from CSKA many more successes are accomplished.

The other big name in cycling for Bulgaria is Grozio Kalchev. He chooses to compete for the Reds even though that he had offers from every other club in the country.

In the year 1982 Grozio Kalchev reaches the peak in the team of CSKA, he won the tour of Turkey one of the hardest competitions for its time, a big success for the cycling in Bulgaria.

Possibly the brightest name in the Reds cycling is Venelin Hubenov, he is one of the most successful Bulgarian cyclists in the history of this sport in our country. Hubenov won the Tour of Bulgaria in 1982, in a spectacular battle, that was decided at the last moment.

The accomplishments of Hubenov go beyond the borders of his homeland. He is part of the national team, which got 6th place on the 100 km team tour on the Olympic Games in Moscow in the year 1980. Individually he was able to get 6th place on one of the most prestigious races in the world of cycling - The tour of peace. Hubenov was also able to win different stages in the tour.

In general, the cycling club over the years at CSKA has been one of the leaders in the local championship. Similarly as the football rivalry our main opponent are with the team of Levski.

After the year 1990 cycling became one of the sports that had a harsh period because of the lack of proper financing and the withdrawal of the army from the sport. Because of this for a set period of time CSKA doesn't do cycling.

The club for cycling is revived by Bobi Kotev, he is given help by the association "CSKA Forever". In the actual team there are nineteen contestants in 4 age groups.





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