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Handball club CSKA - HISTORY

Handball club CSKA - HISTORY

He beginning of the organization for handball in CSKA is in October, 1962 when the union between CDNA AND DFS "Red flag" was made. With this a start to the youth academy for handball in CSKA is started, which later on becomes leading in the country.

The first men's handball team of CSKA "Red flag" is created in April, 1964 when the sent by "VIF G.Dimitrov" student Mihail Sarbinov created an organization for the team that will participate in the Spartakiad during the summer of the same year.

In the team, throughout the various years, in order for them to get rid of their military duty, through the team have gone some of the most famous Bulgarian handball names.

In order to participate in the Spartakiad, the women's handball team is made out of athletes in other sports, mostly skiing, or other alpine disciplines, who didn't have competitions during this time of the year, but have studied handball in university. During the fall of the same year, Totyu Valchev is appointed a the coach of the women's team, but he also participates in competitions with the men.

In 1965, at the final competitions in Tutrakan the juniors of CSKA win the first medals (silver), but lose the final with one goal difference to the team of "Septemvri" (Sofia).

In the end of January, 1969 the union between CSKA "Cherveno zname" and "Septemvri" is completed. The results of the united teams don't come too late and the coached start working very productively.

The real accomplishments of the youngsters come during the Spartakiad in 1970 in Tolbuhin (today's Dobrich). The first republican champions for CSKA are the kids under 14 years of age.
Only 25 days after the first champions, the youngsters aged up to 16 year old win golden medals. The senior girls also become champions, whereas the senior men get the 2nd place. The bases of these successes are the training sessions and the famous champion-like mentality, which is typical for CSKA.

10 years after the introduction of handball in CSKA, the club wins its first title. The women's team becomes a champion. After the initial success, the women go on to win the championship 10 more times. They also win 8 times the "Cup of Bulgaria".

Gradually, the men's team starts to become more competitive towards the leading handball clubs. In 1970 the first posts are let - Spas Bonev and Angel Ganchev. At the Spartakiad in 1974, the first medals (silver) and vice-champion titles are won.

During the same year, Nikolai Georgiev (Kaio), Dimitar Nikolov (the Bear), and Valentin Denchev (Tendzhi) are added to the team that wins golden medals in all age groups, in which they have gone through. In that way, the academy which was created during the 60s wins a championship title in the year of 1976 for the first time. Everywhere the team has always been supported loyally by the red fans, who have sometimes even been an additional player.
After the glorious first title, the men's team becomes the champion 9 more times. The championship titles in 1978, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1989, 1990, and 1991 were won. Also, the "Bulgarian cup" was won 9 times.

Nikolay Georgiev, Tsvyatko Nachev, Rami Akulov, Stanislav Peykov, Emil Tarkalanov, Marin Marinov, Simeon Blazhev, Christopher Mitev, Rosen Davidkov, Ivan KolayLakov, Stanimir Dzhemperliev, Simeon Hristov, Veselin Petrov, Slavcho Georgiev and many others signed their names into the golden books of champions with the red jersey.

The competitors of CSKA had been the backbones of our national teams for years. Throughout those years there have been more national players in CSKA than the incumbent players.

The handball teams of CSKA also have a lot of success on the international scene. They reach the base of their accomplishments during the 70s and 80s, when CSKA is a factor in European handball.

Both the men and the women in CSKA reach quarter finals for the "Cup Winners Cup" and in tournaments for the cup of "European champions".



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