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Membership cards are an instrument which meets the requirements for official recognition of each supporter (loyalty card). They are issued by the club, which primarily pursues the following purpose: CSKA implements the strategy of every major world club.

This is a form making it possible for every supporter of the club to show his/her loyalty and to support the favorite team with his/her modest means. The funds from each card are for the club. Please fill in your registration carefully. In the box "CHOOSE KIND OF SPORT" you alone are to determine which club is to have the funds. If you have missed to put a mark, you may log into your account and make your choice.

The club has prepared a marketing strategy according to which each official member receives a program for rewarding its most loyal supporters, which includes many benefits:
1. Making easier the purchase of entry tickets (tickets or subscriptions)
2. Ensuring maximum transparency in the spending of the funds
3. Facilitation of access control and enforcement of legislation to combat violence, thereby encouraging best conditions for access and safety of the public at the sporting events;
4. Membership cards do not replace the season subscription cards which must be purchased separately, but they allow you to use discounts on all proposals promulgated on the platform cska.bg:
- You get a beautifully made piece of work marked with the favorite brand CSKA and your names. This card gives you identity and many privileges.
On cska.bg (I ♡ LOVE CSKA – MEMBERSHIP CARDS) you are able to track:
- in which shops and what discounts you are entitled to use;
- what services and under what conditions you are entitled to use;
- 10% discount on the fan articles offered in the official fan shop;
- 5% discount on the cost of the tickets for the home games;
- to watch CSKA TV free for one year from the filing date of the card. On CSKA TV you will be able to keep track of everything happening in all the clubs bearing the mark CSKA. Particular attention will be paid to children and youthful formations. Gradually a rich TV program will be provided;
- You will be able to be active users of Red Zone (the Army Facebook), to post and comment, to participate in polls, leaderboards, contests, etc.;
- To be informed at first hand about everything that happens in the club;
- To keep track of the most trustful information stream;
- To comment on any publication;
- to build for yourself a reliable picture of what is happening in the club.


To be filled in in the registration form. The names of the card holders which are to be completed in Bulgarian and English shall be active only for the territory of Bulgaria. Make sure you have filled in all your data properly. On your E-mail address you will receive a confirmation concerning your request and a document for the payment of the card. The price of the card includes the costs for the delivery and the value of the card. Upon receipt of the payment you will receive your card within 10 days at the post address mentioned by. Please type carefully the exact address of receipt. From then on be happy to use your card having it with you everywhere. And let everyone prove their loyalty. Access to the complete information and the full services on the site shall be activated immediately upon receipt of the transfer, while the card will be at your disposal 10 days later. It will become valid, respectively, 10 days later after receipt of the transfer. On the web site www.cska.bg you will be able to get detailed information on all affiliate programs for loyalty discount that you can use.

The funds shall be distributed among the clubs. Each applicant for a registration card has indicated on the platform his/her club membership and this will serve as basis for the distribution of the funds. You can check and / or change your club membership in your personal account.
New official members shall be accepted in a club after completing the respective registration form on the platform of the party concerned by the candidate or by a legal representative if the person is a minor or incapacitated.

Following the submission of the completed registration form and the payment of the membership fee that you have chosen, you will receive your membership card within 10 days. It is personal and provided with a unique number. The card is a wonderful gift for our children, employees, relatives and friends.

All communications of a general nature addressed to the cardholders shall be published publicly on www.cska.bg. Messages to individual owners shall be considered valid if effected by sending an E-mail to the E-mail address provided at the time of signing this form (with registration). A cardholder who keeps and controls the E-mail address provided at the time of signing this form has the right to change it in his/her own account or to send the respective information to E-mail address carti@cska.bg;

The term of validity of the card is for 1 year.
Renewal of the card is performed by means of a new application and under the economic conditions at the moment of the previous application. The validity of the card will be extended for another year.

CSKA reserves the right to change unilaterally the terms and conditions of this contract. These changes shall come in force, unless provided otherwise by the law, at the beginning of the sport season.

In case of introducing such changes CSKA undertakes to announce them 60 (sixtry) days in advance on www.cska.bg or to inform the respective cardholders by E-mail messages sent to the E-mail addresses provided by them at the time of their registration.

Both Parties shall have the right to terminate the contract at any time after the expiry of the first year term of the contract with a notice in an instrument in writing a notice given at least 15 (fifteen) days before the expiry of the card. The agreement ends with the date of expiry of the notice unless the card is not renewed for the same period.

CSKA shall not be liable for mistakes on the part of the applicant.

A cardholder shall keep the card carefully, shall not bend it, break it, let it get wet or heated, to use and store it with care and thus ensure that the codes required for its use will be kept safe.

In the event of theft or loss of the card, the cardholder must immediately notify CSKA by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by E-mail to carti@cska.bg . When the new card is reissued, the old one shall be cancelled. Payment is due only for the actual costs of the manufacturing and delivery of the card.

Cards which do not function properly through no fault of the owner shall be replaced free of charge.
Each card is personal and is provided with a unique number. The magnetic stripe, the bar code or the card number certify you as a user of the discounts offered by the partners of CSKA.


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