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General assembly of chess club CSKA

General assembly of chess club CSKA

The board of chess club CSKA calls, according to article 26 of the Law about legal persons without commercial activity, all the members of the club to a general assembly. The assembly will convene on 10.9.2016 at 17.in the hall at ul."Anton Chehov" 16 A with the following points on the discussion list: - Annual report about the activity of chess club CSKA in 2015 and financial report for 2015 - Report of the control council - Others All members of the club are invited. If no quorum is reached the assembly will take place an hour...
State championship for veterans

State championship for veterans

The CSKA chess team won the title without any competition after collecting 11 match points. The team of "Debut" Oriahovo was left in second place with 3 points less than CSKA. The CSKA team consisted of Petar Over, who was also winner on board two, Georgi Popov, Tsetsko Todorov and Vladimir Vazharov. CSKA won it's last veteran title in 2010 and the bronze medals in 2011.
“Serdica” cup

“Serdica” cup

National individual chess cup for kids up to 14 years old "Serdica". From 29.04 to 1.05 in Sofia the "Serdica" cup for boys and girls up to 14 years is staged. Chess club CSKA takes part with 7 players in the up to 8 years category. After the first 4 rounds the twins Simeon and Georgi Zanov and are the best performers and have 3 points each. Both have lost to the leaders with the highest ELO coefficient and are currently ranked in 3-8 place. Half a point behind the is one of the youngest players Vladimir Koronenko. Up to 10 years:...


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