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"Telia Parken" stadium

07:30 pm

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CSKA defeated Slavia (VIDEO)

Expect more information soon!
Information about the rematch in Copenhagen

Information about the rematch in Copenhagen

Army men, after an insistent negotiation by the CSKA leadership, the hosts from Denmark made an exception in their ticket sales' policy for the visiting fans and allowed everyone at the stadium on the day of the match to be able to buy a pass. This will also make it easier for the army men traveling from different European countries. For CSKA supporters there is a separate sector that is described in the picture. The capacity of the sector is 700 seats. We urge everyone to respect the rules and organization of local authorities. We...
Happy birthday to Anton Dimitrov

Happy birthday to Anton Dimitrov

Army men, today the former CSKA footballer, currently CSKA U14 coach, Anton Dimitrov, celebrates his 48th birthday. He played with the red jersey from 1990 to 1993 and became the champion of Bulgaria in 1992 and in 1993 he won the Cup with the Reds. We wish him a lot of health, happiness and professional success!
Happy birthday to Dimitar Yakimov

Happy birthday to Dimitar Yakimov

Army men, today the legendary Dimitar Yakimov celebrates his 77th birthday. FOLLOW CSKA'S INSTAGRAM. He joined CSKA in 1960 and remained faithful to the Army Club for the rest of his career. For 14 years Yakimov played 287 matches with the red jersey and scored 141 goals. He is a 7-time champion with CSKA and 6 times winner of the Soviet Army Cup. He participated in the emblematic semi-final clashes for European Champions' Cup against Inter in 1967. LIKE THE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE OF CSKA. With the national team of Bulgaria, he was...


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