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Open letter from PFC CSKA
вторник 15 май, 2018  |   233

Open letter from PFC CSKA



In connection with the proposed changes to the Gambling Act

Regarding the possible upcoming changes to the Gambling Act and in particular the ideas for banning "direct" and "indirect" advertising, we - CSKA, as an interested party (a club sponsored by a gambling company), want to state our position by publicly expressing our worries..

We believe that such future actions by the state, as provided for in the new law, would DIRECTLY harm Bulgarian football and Bulgarian sport.

Our collective opinion is that online operators in Bulgaria (bookmakers and organizers of gambling) strictly obey all the rules imposed by the gambling law of the Republic of Bulgaria. We believe that this is visible from all advertising messages in the public space. We can firmly state that in our work with our partners we have never witnessed transgressed moral boundaries, usage of prohibited means and methods to reach people or an audience that is not their target group.

The licensed operators in Bulgaria, which support Bulgarian sport and Bulgarian football (particularly 99% of the professional football teams, part of the unprofessional teams and the amateur teams), will be unequal to all foreign operators, which will reach fans by "DIRECT" and "INDIRECT" advertising, unless you ban the broadcasting of the Champions League, Europa League, England - Premier League, Germany - Bundesliga, Spain - Premier League, Italy - A Series, which would be quite disturbing .

Dear IMPORTERS of amendments to the law, on what grounds do you give foreign companies an advantage at the expense of the Bulgarian ones? Probably, with the funds they receive from gambling, these countries and large teams already listed have made significant progress in the development of their championships and in building football academies (which are banned for advertising, but sponsored by gambling in the form of donations).

The sponsorship of football in Bulgaria - from gambling companies, bookmakers and lotteries, is not a precedent in Europe. We are no exception and we, as a club with a lot of a large fanbase, do not underestimate the intelligence of our fans and do not believe that they can be misled by a TV clip in which there is not even an appeal for betting, but in an attractive way it is presented a product or a service. With what is the Bulgarian audience different from that of any European country where big footballers carry the logos of gambling companies on their shirts?

In our country, as a club with traditions in Europe, lies the belief that the football road of the Old Continent has been trampled and we do not have yet to look for a model that would help us feel financially stable and go in the right direction. On the contrary, such a model already exists and has been applied in Bulgaria for several years, which has apparently helped the growth of Bulgarian sport.

Dear IMPORTERS of the amendments to the law, among other things, it is nice to inform the users of the advertising messages, namely our fans, that gambling pays the following taxes and fees:

- Tax profit
- Corporate Tax
- "Responsible Gambling" Fee
- Gambling does not refund VAT

We are fully aware that as an interested party, some would condemn our position, but we definitely do not support the changes that have been planned to the detriment of sport, the development of clubs and athletes. We believe that any extreme measures in a free country with an established civil society is inadmissible and unreasonable.

From the management of FC CSKA

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