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CSKA champion of "Danoniada", in autumn goes to Barcelona with Berbatov
събота 08 юни, 2019  |   39

CSKA champion of "Danoniada", in autumn goes to Barcelona with Berbatov

The juniors of CSKA, born in 2007, won this year's edition of the children's football tournament "Danoniada". The reds with coach Kaloyan Georgiev won the right to participate in the international "Danone Nations Cup" in Barcelona in October. Our team will be headed personally by Dimitar Berbatov in the Spanish city. The former CSKA footballer has been the partron of the tournament for yet another year and handed over the bowl to our boys. They picked up the trophy victoriously and the noisy "Since a child" sounded the stadium.

The final phase of "Danoniada" was held today at the National Sports Academy. In the match for the trophy our boys defeated Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) with 1:0 with a goal of Vittorio Shotev. In the group stage, the reds settled over the Dunav (Ruse) with 3:2 and finished in a draw against Chernomorets (1:1) and Slavia (2:2). CSKA qualifies for the national tournament after winning the regional race two weeks ago. The army men, Yulian Gilov, was awarded the "Danoniada" goalscorer prize.

CSKA Academy sends a season in which two of our formations have won the biggest children's tournaments in Bulgaria. Set 2007 grabbed the trophy from "Danoniada" and CSKA U15 won the "Meet the world" tournament in Sopot a month ago and our team will travel to Sweden in July for participation in the unofficial World Cup Gothic Cup.



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