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Despodov: I would replace the award for a title with CSKA
неделя 06 януари, 2019  |   16

Despodov: I would replace the award for a title with CSKA

Kiril Despodov, who won the Football Player of the Year award, said he would replace the award for a title with CSKA.

"It is a great honor for me to get this award, but I want to say right away that the other contenders - Georgi Petkov and Todor Nedelev - also presented themselves at a level during the year and deserved to be the first.

I would like to thank mostly to my colleagues in CSKA and the national team. Football is a collective sport and without good teammates there is no way to win awards.

I want to thank my family and my girlfriend, who are always next to me in bad and good moments. I also thank the management and fans of CSKA for their huge support and trust.

At this point I can not forget and cordially thank all my coaches over the years. Each of them has taught me something useful for football and helped me to develop my qualities.

I really did a lot of work in 2018 and I am glad that this work is rewarding me with this wonderful award. However, if I have to be honest, I will be happier if I can replace it with a CSKA championship title and a ranking of Bulgaria for the European Championship", he said.

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