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Hristo Stoichkov presented his autobiography
понеделник 05 ноември, 2018  |   47

Hristo Stoichkov presented his autobiography

Hristo Stoichkov presented his autobiographical book - "The History", in which he tells the most memorable moments of his life. Legendary No. 8 trusted journalist Vladimir Pamukov to write the book which was published by SoftPres.

At the premiere were Grisha Ganchev, legendary players of CSKA, our male team headed by Nestor El Maestro and his headquarters, club academy's coaches, red juniors and fans. The biggest legends of Bulgaria in all kinds of sports also paid respect to Stoichkov and three of the presidents - Peter Stoyanov, Georgi Parvanov and Rosen Plevneliev.

The book is priced at 25 leva and is already on sale.


"Some stories are too real to be told. But I decided to try. I had the luck life to shoot me up and make my big childhood dream come true. How high? You tell me, because everyone has their Everest. I know only that today, when I look down to see from where I've started, I am still getting dizzy.

Lately they all write. And so you don't say the footballers write with their feet, I chose to make this book with the sports journalist Vladimir Pamukov. Actually, if there is something he does not know about me or the Fourth in the world, it obviously was not worth knowing it or just ... he did not want to know it. So from me the story, from him the writing (book).

In "History" I open a word for some topics for the first and most probably the last time. I believe you will appreciate it. I did not save and did not hide anything. I did not pretend to be what I am not. This is not a book about the best person we know - that was the only requirement of Vlado Pamukov before I started telling him what to write. And I think I respected his wish. As a matter of fact - we did not fight even once while we were working.

If we did not succeed, I hope at least to appreciate the fact that we had the courage to try. If we have succeeded ... we will still be able to find ones that will spit on us. With me its like this - no halftones. Get used to it and have fun! This is my truth, my story.

Yours: Hristo Stoichkov"

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