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CSKA U17 with crushing victory
неделя 14 октомври, 2018  |   61

CSKA U17 with crushing victory

Our juniors up to 17 years defeated Sokol (Markovo) with 6:1 in a match of the seventh round of the Elite Group, played at the base in Pancharevo.

The Reds took the lead 5 minutes into the game after a goal by Toma Ushagelov. Two later we received a penalty shoot-out, the goalkeeper reflected the strike of Martin Smolenski, but he was able to score from the addition for 2:0. In the 17th minute, Ushagelov was accurate for 3: 0, whereas Martin Avramov scored in the 22th minute for 4:0. The guests returned one goal and Avramov scored again in the added time of the first part for 5:1 during the halftime.

In the 70th minute Smolenski scored the sixth goal for our team and formed the final score of 6: 1, which marked a sixth win for CSKA from seven games in the season so far.

Two of our juniors - Emil Tsenov and Hristiyan Petrov, received calls for the national team up to 17 years and will be part of the European Qualification Group against Austria, Slovenia and Malta. The hosts of our group are Slovenia, with matches being played between 24th and 30th of October in the town of Kran.

In the next round CSKA visits Ludogorets.

Starting lineup: Iliya Shalamanov (GK), Lyubomir Mitkov, Hristiyan Petrov, Martin Avramov, Kristiyan Atanasov, Ivan Ivanov, Emil Tsenov, Daniel Ivanov, Dimitar Mihaylov, Martin Smolenski, Toma Ushagelov

Substitutes: Maykal Georgiev (GK), Georgi Ivanov, Georgi Zamfirov, Mitko Mitkov, Atanas Nyagolov, Mark-Emilio Papazov, Tsvetomir Tsanev

Coaches: Dobromir Mitov and Sasho Borisov
Goalkeepers' coach: Ivaylo Ivanov

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