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Celebration at the "Army" (PHOTOS)
четвъртък 11 октомври, 2018  |   28

Celebration at the "Army" (PHOTOS)

A gathered team of CSKA played a friendly match with the team of the 68th Special Forces brigade - Plovdiv on one of the army grounds. The game took place on the occasion of the October 18th - day of military parachutists and a profesional holiday to the special operations force. The soldiers who joined the match were part of the celebrations of our anniversary on May 5th. The meeting is a continuation of the excellent partnership of our club with the brigade, led by General Yavor Mateev.

CSKA's jersey was worn again by Ivaylo Ivanov, Hristo Yanev, Vladimir Manchev, Academy's coach Daniel Morales, Atanas Bornosuzov and Kaloyan Georgiev, the administrator Dimitar Vutov and the 2000 Junior Boys Nikola Borisov and Zhulio Charlov. Velizar Dimitrov failed to play because of an injury.

The spectators of the match saw amazing goals, and the news that the emblem was paid sparked euphoria both among the players and among the fans.

The match was also watched by the legends Dimitar Penev and Plamen Markov. After the game, the sports director gave the team the full sports equipment of CSKA, with which they will play their duels in the future. General Yavor Mateev was awarded with honorary badge and medal and received an anniversary scarf, the book "70 years of glory" and the autobiography of Asparuh Nikodimov.

Since Hristo Yanev and Vladimir Manchev were not part of the jubilee ceremony, because they led our men's team, Markov handed them the honorary medals, which were awarded to all over 400 athletes in various sports of CSKA.

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