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CSKA is the 1/4-finals
неделя 10 юни, 2018  |   201

CSKA is the 1/4-finals

The juniors of CSKA up to 15 years finished 1:1 against Spartak (Plovdiv) in the rematch of the 1/8-finals of the State Championship and with a total score of 4:1 qualified for the 1/4-finals of the race. The match was played at "Todor Diev" stadium in Plovdiv.

The home team came out in the 34th minute, but Tsvetomir Tsanev tied back the score in the 39th. The Reds, led by Hristo Marashliev, still had good opportunities for a goal but after the attempts by Hristo Arsov, Yoan Bornosuzov, Danail Stoychev and Alpay Ramadan, the ball did not go into Spartak's goal. Our goalkeeper Ivaylo Iliev made a really good game after making several saves.

On June 13 (Wednesday) at 11:30 AM, the draw for the 1/4-finals will happen. The matches of this phase of the State Championship will be played on June 16 and 19 (Saturday and Tuesday).

Starting lineup: Ivaylo Iliev (GK), Alexander Buchkov (C), Martin Avramov, Dimo ​​Slavov, Georgi Ivanov, Alpay Ramadan, Tsvetelin Stoichkov, Danail Stoychev, Hristo Arsov, Stelian Georgiev, Tsvetomir Tsanev

Substitutes: Konstantin Kasabokov (GK), Martin Sotirov, Tsvetomir Yordanov, Ivan Bakalski, Georgi Manev, Yoan Bornosuzov, Veselin Borisov

Head coach: Hristo Marashliev

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