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Our Graces as a part of the "Diamonds of Sofia" (PHOTOS)
неделя 27 май, 2018  |   4543

Our Graces as a part of the "Diamonds of Sofia" (PHOTOS)

CSKA's rhythmic gymnastics players once again impressed the audience. More than 20 of our graces took part in the "Diamonds of Sofia" tournament, organized by Sofia Sports Club.

BFHG's President Iliana Raeva opened the competition, which took place in "Assiks arena".

The girls of the coaches Svetoslava Kaloyanova and Biliana Prodanova won a bunch of medals. Hanna Trifonova (2008) won gold in the multiboy. Michaela Antova (2009) finished first in the multiboy and combination without a device whereas on the rope finished second. Emma Ilieva (2012) became a champion in the multiboy. Iva Blagoeva (2006) took the gold medal in the multiboy, the ball and the silver of combination without a device. Golden Ball  was won by Daniela Yordanova (2005). Teodora Petrova (2007) grabbed silver on a ball. Angelica Panayotova (2007) successfully fought for the bronze award of the combination without a device. Elida Bencheva took the fifth place on the rope and the eighth without the device. Zornitsa Alexieva (2009) finished fourth in the multiboy, and Lucy Again (2009) finished fifth. Sylvia Gancheva (2008) was a step away from the medals in the multiboy. Kartin Taseva, Nicole Antova and Simona Berova took silver medals in the teams. Nicole Antova took bronze in the multiboy, gold on tape, bronze on a rope and finished fourth on a hoop. In the top 8 were Ivaila Manolova, Christiana Dragozova, Victoria Petrova, Elena Vasileva, Dimana Tselyashna and Elena Tselyashka.

Vanessa Dragozova (2007), with coach Tsvetina Misheva, finished first in the multiboy.

Our athlete Maria Savova won an individual prize. She was nominated for the "Miss Plasticity" of the tournament.

All participants received certificates and many gifts from the organizers, but the most valuable gift to talented gymnasts was undoubtedly the applause of the audience in the arena that tirelessly supported the little graces.



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