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Hristo Yanev replaces Stamen Belchev
вторник 01 май, 2018  |   20309

Hristo Yanev replaces Stamen Belchev

After a series of negative results, Stamen Belchev decided to leave his post as a head coach of CSKA for the benefit of the team. He left his position with three of his assistants - Stefan Genov, Daniel Morales and Ivaylo Ivanov.

The management thanked Belchev for his outstanding professionalism and dedication to CSKA and wished him health and future professional success!

Stamen Belchev led the team in 58 games from November 27th 2016 until today. He has achieved 36 wins, 15 draws and 7 losses headed by the team.

In his place until the end of the season the team will be headed by a man from the club. Hristo Yanev takes over the team and his assistants will be Vladimir Manchev and Ivaylo Petrov. Along with them will be the fitness coaches Thomas Neubert and Kiril Dinchev, with the assist of legends of the club Georgi Velinov and Krasimir Bezinski.

Hristo Yanev, Vladimir Manchev and Ivaylo Petrov took our team to the trophy in the Bulgarian Cup tournament in 2016. In January they returned to work at CSKA. Yanev and Manchev were scouts of the first team, and Petrov - coach of the goalkeepers in the CSKA Academy.

We wish them health and more professional success with their favorite club!

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