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Three victories for CSKA
понеделник 26 февруари, 2018  |   3258

Three victories for CSKA

The teams from the basketball academy of CSKA achieved 3 victories and one loss in the games during the weekend.

Our second team U16 defeated Ahil with 52:46 points and continues to lead the standings in the Vitosha region. Till the moment the Reds led by Hristo Tsvetanov made 8 victories and one loss. In the next round CSKA will face in away game Olimpiya basket.

CSKA U16 was defeated from BUBA basketball with 46:85 points. The boys of Hristo Tsvetanov are on third place in West region. Till the end of the season our boys have only one game against Levski.

CSKA U14 led by Tedi Bukov won their home game against Chavdar Troyan with 52:38 points. This was the last game of the West region championship but our team must play two games which were postponed earlier in the season.

CSKA-2 U12 defeated Slavia with 55:53 in a dramatic game. The boys of Krasen Kirov deserved the victory. Our team have 4 victories in 4 games for qualifying between 5 to 16 in the Vitosha region.



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