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Victory, draw and loss for the youth team in friendly games
неделя 04 февруари, 2018  |   274

Victory, draw and loss for the youth team in friendly games

The CSKA youth teams U19, U17 and U15 played their friendly games during the winter preparation.

The CSKA U19 led by Ivaylo Stanev loss against the first team of Slivnishki geroy with 1:2. The game was held at "Tsarsko selo" complex. Our team again was without 5 of the first-team players and in the game took part boys borned in 2001 and 2002. On Wednesday (February 7th) CSKA will face Germaneya. The friendly game will be held at "Tsarsko selo" complex and starts at 12:00.

Our youth team of kids born in 2001 and 2002 defeated Septemvri with 4:2. The head coaches Dobromir Mitov and Sasho Borisov again let in play all the boys and some of them stayed on the field for the whole game. After part of the CSKA U17 players are already training with the bigger ones, we continue building a new team to continue our team's performance in the second half of the season in the Elite Group. On February 10th the Reds will face Minyor U19 team in Pernik.

Our team of kids borned in 2003 traveled to Plovdiv for a friendly game agains Botev which ended with a draw 1:1. Our team led by Hristo Marashliev opened the score-line with a goal of Aleksander Buchkov but the home team equalized. On Friday (February 9) CSKA U15 will face Vitosha Bistritsa in a friendly game which will be held at "Akademik" stadium.

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