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Ivaylo Ivanov: It was a good year for me
четвъртък 22 декември, 2016  |   1453

Ivaylo Ivanov: It was a good year for me

One of the best bulgarian and CSKA judo athletes Ivaylov Ivanov talked to CSKA.BG about his year:

- Ivaylo, how was 2016 for you?
- I considet the year as very strong except for the Olympics in Rio. I'm sorry I missed the medal there. I gave everything, but underestimated one situation and I shouldn't. At such a level there is no place for underestimation.

- This  month you won the bronze at a tournament in Tokyo.

- No bulgarian has ever won a medal there and I'm happy that I did it. This was the last tournament for the year and I'm pleased I finished with success.

- Your personal coach Atanas Gerchef jokes that you are practicing "Montana judo".

- Yes, I'm born in Montana. I started with judo at the age of 7. There were 40-50 kids that fighted and had fun. All were full of energy. I liked this sport and started to train. I never thought I would ever reach this level.

- What gave you CSKA?

 - CSKA made me an athlete. I perfected myself as a men and an athlete. This is where my way to big judo began.

- In what competitions will you take part in 2017?

- I will take part in several strong tournaments in the beginning of the year. In february I will participate in the Grand Slam in Paris. Afterwards ate the competitions in Dusseldorf, Tbilisi and Samsun. The most important are the Euro in april and the World championship in august. I'm still not sure if I will take part in the bulgarian championship in Sofia.



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