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Greco-Roman wrestling CSKA - HISTORY

Greco-Roman wrestling CSKA - HISTORY

Greco-Roman wrestlinling is a style of wrestling that also has memorable traditions in CSKA. The club has given to Bulgaria an array of medal owners, and the coach academy of the Reds has always been top level.

The first more serious successes come in the end of the sixties and are closely related with the names of Petar Donev and Petur Krumov. On the world championship in Mar del Plata in 1969 Donev won the bronze medal in the category to 97 kg, and Krumov became a world champion in the category to 82 kg. A year later Krumov moves to the upper category to 87 kg and wins a silver medal on the world championship.

In the early 70s the most success was brought by the name of Stefan Angelov. He is the bearer of two bronze medals from the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 and in Montreal in 1976. He also wins two bronze medals from world championships in 1971 and 1975 also a silver from the European championship in 1972. He bears the golden waistband "Nikola Petrov" in 1976. Later Petar Angelov continues as a coach and is very successful in this area.

A big name in the red club for wrestling has Georgi Raikov. He won the world tittle for youths in 1973, and on the next year he won the European championship for youths. In the category for men he debuted in the year 1975 on a European championship in Ludwigshafen, where from the first try he won the gold in category to 90 kg. Later Georgi Raikov went to the upper category up to 100 kg, where success came fast. The culmination of his career is his gold medal from the summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980, which came after two bronze medals from world championships and one more European title. In his memory in the town of Koprivshtitsa there is a yearly competition in wrestling for youths called Georgi Raikov.

Atanas Komshev is maybe the most significant wrestler in the Greco-roman style, who started in CSKA.

In the big wrestling Atanas Komshev enters furiously with a vice champion title from the world championships in 1982, 1983 and 1984. He is the bearer of two bronze medals from the world championships in 1985 and 1987. Two times champion from the European championship in wrestling 1984 and 1986. The peak of his career was his golden medal from the summer Olympic Games in Seoul in the year 1988 in the category up to 90kg. On November 2nd 1994 Atanas Komshev loses his life in a car accident near Veliko Turnovo.

Many awards for CSKA and Bulgaria were brought by Emil Ivanov in the category up to 57 kg. His important success are the world titles in 1986 and 1989. He became an European champion in 1983. He has silver medals from 1987, 1989 and in 1991 he became the bearer of the golden waistband "Nikola Petrov".

Neno Nenchev as a competitor was able to achieve silver in the European championship in 1988. But he left a very renowned trail as a coach. In this area he was not only coach of the Reds but also of the national team of Bulgaria.

A serious trail on the wrestling ring and also as a coach leaves Marian Biandov. He is a bronze medalist from the European championship for youths in 1984, later he is a coach in CSKA. Biandov is an assistant in the headquarters in the national tournaments for youths and cadets.

Mihail Angelov is another famous name. He is a competitor in CSKA for many years, but his name became known on the wrestling ring. Angelov is a long-lasting coach in CSKA and the national team, where he prepares many future champions.

From the competitors Petar Tenev especially stands out. He is one of the strongest contestants in the category up to 74 kg. Tenev is a European champion from the championship in 1998, and as a bronze medalist from the world championship.

In CSKA the habits were different than those in the other teams, also the requirements and goals, that they were striving for were always high. The contestants have always been taught to aspire victory.

The current pride of CSKA in wrestling is Yavor Yanakiev. He became a world champion in Greco-roman style wrestling in the world championship in 2007, and on the Olympiad in Pekin in 2008 he won a bronze award. In the year 2007 Yavor Yanakiev was chosen for an athlete № 3 in Bulgaria.

The real fighting, that is happening not on the wrestling ring but in life for the name of CSKA is Daniel Kapsuzov. He is the president of the Greco-Roman wrestling of the Reds and gives his all for the club.



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