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Sports Club Track and field CSKA - HISTORY

Sports Club Track and field CSKA - HISTORY

Track and field has a long and successful history in CSKA. The reds have had some of the most important figures in this sport in the last decades, CSKA is connected with of the brightest accomplishments on the tracks and sectors for jumps. The first big breakthrough of the reds athletes came in the 70s.

Narcis Popov for a long time has been the best on 400m where he makes some republican records.

The big international breakthrough came in the middle of the 70s and is connected with the name of Yanko Bratanov and Nikolina Shtereva, which rose the Bulgarian athletics to a worldwide level.

Yanko Bratanov is one of the brightest figures of this sport and he is the descent from people connected with CSKA. Bratanov won the republican title five times in 400m with harsh times in the period 1972 and 1979. He has two titles in the hall in 1974 and 1975.

The big fame came to the international scene. In 1976 the European title on 400m with hurdles was won with a new European record in the discipline.

On the Olympic games Bratanov also presents himself successfully he takes the sixth place in Montreal and eighth place in Moscow, on both Olympiads he shows great results at the most important discipline.

Yanko Bratanov after the end of his active career became acquainted with the sport of athletics and for many years he was one of the best coaches in the runs.

Nikolina Shtereva is the other noteworthy name of the 70s, which made CSKA and Bulgaria famous in the running of short distance. Her career filled with medals and records goes through CSKA. In the 70s and 80s Shtereva gets acquainted with the European indoor championships.

In the year 1972 in Munich with strong Bulgarian rivalry in the fight for medals Nikolina Shtereva became European indoor champion, when she outstrips another famous Bulgarian athlete - Liliana Tomova, which won the bronze medal, and on the forth place there was the third Bulgarian Ivanka Bonova.

Shtereva won one more golden medal on the European indoor championship in 1979 and finished sixth in 1982 in Milano. She won a golden medal on 800m on the final of the World cup in 1979.

The biggest peakes in the career for Shtereva are without doubt the Olympic Games in 1976 in Montreal and 1980 in Moscow. In Montreal she was one of the brightest and gets to the silver of 800m, and on the final line she was outstripped by the Russian Tatiana Kazinkina, who made a world record.

The interesting thing was that Shtereva also gave a result better than the world record then, which was made two months before the games. In Montreal Shtereva gets to the final in 1500m, where she needs .49 seconds in order to get bronze medal.

With her competition in Montreal Nikolina Shtereva becomes the first athlete from Bulgaria which was on the final of two disciplines on the Olympic Games, something that was only repeated by Ivet Lalova years later.

On the Olympic Games in the year 1980 Shtereva go to final on 800m, where she became seventh. After the games in Moscow she is having hard times due to injuries, which lead to medical treatment in 1983. Nikolina Shtereva even todays is a national record holder on 800m with her record from 1979, and in her collection she has over 20 tittles for 400, 800 and 1500m both outside and inside. For her accomplishments in the sport and the contribution for the development of the sport she is awarded with a medal "Contribution to the National republic of Bulgaria", 2nd level.

In the 80s the big renowned face for the reds athletics becomes Hristo Markov, who conquers all the possible peaks in the triple jump and becomes one of the most emblematic Bulgarian athletes for all times.

Markov has all the possible golden medals in athletics. In the year 1983 he becomes an European champion in youths and two years later he wins the tittle for man in hall, and in 1987 he becomes a world champion on outside.

On the Olympiad in Seoul in 1988 Markov wins the gold by making a new Olympic record.

In his personal collection he has 2 silver medals from European championships both in a hall and outside.

In the year 1984 Markov makes a new world record for youths with his accomplishment of 17.42, which even today brings him the second place in the world ranking.

A year later he makes a new European indoor record on jump, and in 1987 he becomes a European record breaker on triple jumpdoorsl, with the accomplishment of 17.92, which even today brings him the fourth place in the world ranking. The only record that Markov is not able to break is the world record for men. On the world championship in Rome he is only 5 cm away from the ultimate accomplishment of 17.89 and only chance doesn't let him pass the 18th meter.

After the end of his career Hristo Markov becomes tightly acquainted with track and field as a coach. Tereza Marinova has trained under his guidance.

Another emblematic figure for the athletics club of CSKA is Plamen Krustev. In his whole career he is competing for the Army Men, and all his titles and accomplishments speak for themselves. Plamen Krastev is able to forward his love for CSKA to his sons, he told them stories about his accomplishments, and also for the other wins of the reds in the different sports.

After the changes in the 90s the sport of athletics is in a harsh position for CSKA, but in spite of everything it creates champions. The brightest example for this in the academy of CSKA is Petar Dachev, which leaves the brightest trace for the long jump. Dachev shines on the international scene with a third place on the European championship in 1998.

In the same year he became a world junior champion. In the year 2000 Petar Dachev wins the European title during the indoor championship in Gent, and on the Olympiad in Sydney he gets to 11th place. Two years later he adds a bronze medal from the championship in Vienna.
Today the club prepares many young talents, and we hope that they continue the tradition of the big champions from the past.



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