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2014-2015 - New two wins over Levski

2014-2015 - New two wins over Levski

CSKA team for the 2014-2015 season: Anatoliy Gospodinov, Jacub Divis, Maksims Uvarenko, Alexander Tunchev, Valentin Iliev, Apostol Popov, Venzislav Vasilev, Denis Prichinenko, Yulian Chapaev, Plamen Krachunov, Christian Supusepa, Marin Orsulic, Tonci Kukoc, Stephen Sunday, Boris Galchev, Ivan Stoyanov, Petar Vitanov, Nemanja Milisalvevic, Edenilson Bergonsi, Luis Suarez, Marquinos, Toni Silva, Ivan Markovic, Aurelien Joachim, Juan Felipe, Stefan Nikolic, Mario Brkljača, Amancio Fortes, Sergiu Bus

Head coach: Stoycho Mladenov

CSKA was torn with scandals at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season. During the first summer camp at Borovetz the team was left by Emil Gargorov and Jackson Mendy. Omar Kossoko declined to renew his contract. The management was forced to make a whole new selection on the move and this happened during the second summer camp in Holland. More than 10 new players were signed, but this happened virtually in the last minute and the result was the disgraceful elimination from the Europa League from Moldovan side Zimbru.

In the "A" grupa CSKA started at full speed and in the second round another win against Levski follows. The blues lost all two games against CSKA - this time in was 2:0 and 3:0 for the "Army men" and the Romanian Sergiu Bus became the hero of the derby by scoring in both clashes.

Stoycho Mladenov's team had s strong run in the championship and finished the autumn with 3 points before Ludogorets. The winted however is stormy again. It becomes visible that the shareholders have serious disagreements and the financing of the team is not secured. The winter camps are in question until the very last moment. Sergiu Bus was sold in order to guarantee a normal start in the spring and this left it's mark on the performance of the team.

The spring of 2015 is one of the most hard periods in the whole history of CSKA. The team is practically ruined and for months can not even score a goal. The first and only victory was achieved in the last round of the play-offs.

During these three months the team was lead by three different coaches. After Stoycho Mladenov's resignation Galin Ivano was appointed as a coach, but failed to achieve anything. In the last few games Luboslav Penev was appointed. Penev tried to change the fortunes of the team but his appointment was too late for any significant change.

Outside of the pitch the happenings are even more dramatic. The differences between the shareholders grow into an open conflict and at the beginning of april CSKA has a new owner. Despite the promise that the license and financing of the team would be secured, nothing of the kind happens. On 31 may it becomes clear that CSKA would not play professional football next season and Petar Mandjukov sais to the press that bankruptcy is the only possible outcome of the situation.



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