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2013-2014 - Four out of four in the “Eternal derby”

2013-2014 - Four out of four in the “Eternal derby”

CSKA team for the 2013-2014 season: Tomas Cerny, Stoyan Kolev, Rais M'Bohly, Zdravko Iliev, Jackson Mendy, Valentin Iliev, Apostol Popov, Venzislav Vasilev, Jeremy Faug-Porret, Vasil Popov, Yulian Yulianov, Plamen Krachunov, Brian Errero, Todor Yanchev, Boris Galchev, Ivan Stoyanov, Petar Vitabov, Nemanja Milisavlevic, Emil Gargorov, Anton Karachanakov, Ivaylo Chochev, Marcinho, Grigor Dolapchiev, Omar Kossoko, Martin Petrov, Stephen Sunday, Toni Silva, Guido vi Vanni, Ivan Markovic

Head coach: Stoycho Mladenov

After "Titan" retreated from the ownership of CSKA, the club fell into complete chaos. CSKA voluntarily withdrew from the UEFA Europa League, and the BFU received a letter that CSKA would not take part in the championship. The actions of "Titan" in june 2013 also stop Grisha Ganchev from taking over the club. In the very last moment Alexander Tomov stepped onto the scene and took over CSKA will all debts of the JSC. Tomov appointed Stoycho Mladenov as a manager and he managed to bring a team together for the start of the campaign. The accomplishment of Mladenov is really remarkable, because only a week before the start of the season he had only 3 players on contract.

The "Army men" started the new season with a hastily composed team, which had made no preparation at all. This left a mark on the results and the first win came in round 5. After the first break however CSKA stepped up and soon became a real contender for the title. This autumn also marked the start of the unique series of six consecutive wins over the eternal rival. The first derby was won with 3 goals in just 6 minutes, but at the end CSKA could not win the gold against the much more powerful at the moment team of Ludogorets. The team nevertheless showed that it had a future if stability was ensured. This however never happened.

During the spring of 2014 CSKA tried an IPO. The fans supported the campaign for the saving of their club, but unfortunately the gathered resources were under the minimum requirement of 9 million leva.




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