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2004-2005 - 30th jubilee title and a third star on the emblem

2004-2005 - 30th jubilee title and a third star on the emblem

CSKA team for the 2004-2005 season: Adalbert Zafirov, Benoit Cauet, Yordan Todorov, Emil Gargorov, Thiago Silva, Velizar Dimitrov, Todor Yanchev, Hristo Yanev, Ibrahima Gueye, Gerasim Zakov, Valentin Iliev, Evgeni Yordanov, Yordan Yourukov, Alexander Branekov, Amiran Mujiri, Miroslav Manolov, Yordan Varbanov, Kostadin Hazurov, Joel Lindpere, Evgeni Hmaruc, Dejan Maksic, Ivan Ploshtakov, Ivan Ivanov, Petko Iliev, Radoslav Zabavnik, Nikolay Godjev, Ivaylo Ivanov

Head coach: Ferario Spasov (autumn), Miodrag Jesic (spring)

The 2004-2005 season began in a controversial way for CSKA. Although a very strong selection was made the team played inconsistent and finished second after the first part of the season.

In Europe Steaua puts the campaign to and end. Before that the "Army men" eliminated in a nailbitind drama the cyriot side of Omonia (1:1 in Nikosia and 3:1 after extra time in Sofia). The match with Omonia was not a thing for people with weak hearts. CSKA is on the verge of elimination when Amiran Mijuri scored a last second goal and brought the match into extra time. Then CSKA scored another 2 goals (Stoyko Sakaliev and Kostadin Hazurov) and quafilied.

During the winter break the management of the club fired coach Ferario Spasov and appointed Miodrag Jesic in his place. The Serbian took the position in a very difficult situation because key players were injured, among them were the stars Velizar Dimitrov and Emil Gargorov.

The French veteran Benoit Cauet was signed and he played extraordinary matches with the red jersey.

Because of the many injuries Jesic is forced to play during the whole spring campaign with just Evgeni Yordanov as a striker, although he is also injured but nevertheless played in all matches.

CSKA had a series of 1:0 victories and the triumph in the Eternal derby after a goal from the penalty spot by Hristo Yanev opened the doors for the 30th title. The golden medals were won after a win against Pirin (2:1) and the winner was scored by Emil Gargorov. In honor of the 30th title the club emblem was decorated with 3 golden stars.



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