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1948 - First Champions Title

1948 - First Champions Title

The team of CSKA in 1948:
The common photo from left - to right, standing: Borislav Futekov, Stefan Bozhkov, Nako Chakmakov, Michael Manov - organizer, Nikola Bozhilov, Dimitar Tsvetkov, Todor Takev, Gino Alexandrov; kneeling: Manol Manolov, Stefan Gerenski, Stoyne Minev, Nikola Bozhilov, Dimitar Milanov, Kiril Bogdanov.

The beginning

In May 1948 an agreement was reached between the footballers of "Septemvri" and the sports team "Chavdar" to be united under the name of "September" at the Central Army Club (TSDV). The Management Board of the new company was elected, including: Honorary Chairman - Lieutenant General Georgi Damyanov, then Minister of National Defence; Chairman - Major General Bojan Balgaranov; Vice-Presidents - Colonel Tashev, Petar Mikhailov, Alexander Valchev and Ljubco Kralev and five members. On May 5th, 1948 were signed the Articles of Association and this date became known as the birthday of the company "Septemvri" at the Central Army Club TSDV.

Start as champions

The race for the Champions Title began in May and ended early in September 1948. The first official match of "Septemvri" at TSDV was on May 19th, 1948 at the stadium "Yunak" against the oldest Sofia football club "Slavia". The game ended in a draw - 1:1. According to the lots cast, the Reds had to play as visitors of "Aprilov" (Gabrovo). They won the game with 2:0. Goalscorers: Stoyne Minev and Kiril Bogdanov. The return match was played at the "Narodna Voyska" (The People's Army) stadium. The win with 4:0 sent the team to the semi-finals.

Then "Septemvri" at TSDV played against "Spartak" (Varna). The first match, which was hosted by the local team in Varna brought the victory to our footballers with 2:1. The second match of the semi-finals was played in Sofia at an overcrowded stadium in front of more than 25 000 spectators. "Septemvri" at TSDV won again, this time with 4:1.


"Septemvri" at TSDV played against "Levski" (the champions in the past two years). The sports and technical training of the team was led by the team captain Nako Chakmakov and the physical endurance training by the popular Bulgarian boxer Konstantin Nikolov (Zamorata).

The first match was on September 5th at the "Yunak" stadium with Borislav Kamenski as referee. "Septemvri" at TSDV lost the game with 1:2.
The return match of the finals was on September 9th, 1948 at the "Yunak" stadium. Referee of the game was Stefan Danchev. The list of players of "September" at TSDV included Stefan Gerenski, Borislav Futekov, Manol Manolov, Dimitar Tsvetkov, Nikola Alexiev, Nako Chakmakov (captain), Dimitar Milanov, Stoyne Minev, Stefan Bozhkov, Nikola Bozhilov and Kiril Bogdanov. The Reds managed to win with with 3:1, which brought them the gold medals and the first Champions Title! The winning goal for Reds was shot by the team captain Nako Chakmakov in the last minute of the match.

The list of players of "Septemvri" at TSDV for the 1948-1949 season included Stefan Gerenski, Borislav Futekov, Dimitar Tsvetkov, Stoyne Minev, Manol Manolov, Nako Chakmakov, Dimitar Milanov, Stefan Bozhkov, Todor Takev, Nikola Bozhilov and Kiril Bogdanov.



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