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1992 ★ The goal by Parushev dethroned Parma; Lechkov, Trifon Ivanov, Metkov and Andonov set the rhythm competently

1992 ★ The goal by Parushev dethroned Parma; Lechkov, Trifon Ivanov, Metkov and Andonov set the rhythm competently

CSKA team for the 1991-1992 season. Squatting, From left to right: Alexander Alexandrov (masseur), Anatoli Nankov, Trifon Ivanov, Kiril Metkov, Ivaylo Andonov, Krasimir Bezinski, Stoycho Stoilov, Ivaylo Kirov, Anton Dimitrov, Stefan Draganov, Pavel Dotchev, Victor Georgiev; Standing: Asparuh Nikodimov (head coach), Tsvetan Yonchev (coach), Petar Bogdanov (coach), Bojin Bojinov (administrator), Ivaylo Ilarionov, Hristo Marashliev, Radoslav Vidov, Lachezar Tanev (captain), Georgi Velinov, Rumen Nenov, Rosen Kirilov, Zarko Machev, Stefan Kolev, Petar Ajov, Milen Radukanov, Yordan Letchkov, Georgi Iliev (manager), Dobri Dimov (administrator), d-r Pavel Filipov (doctor of the team), Stoyan Yordanov (coach)

CSKA became the champion of Bulgaria again but with some slightly forgotten and footballers who had returned to the team and with a few new faces. Back in the camp of the Reds were Georgi Velinov, Lachezar Tanev, Ivailo Kirov and Krasimir Bezinski and the new were Yordan Lechkov, Ivaylo Andonov, Veliyan Parushev, Todor Pramatarov, Pavel Dochev, Rosen Kirilov, Stefan Draganov, Trifon Ivanov, Kiril Metkov, Zarko Machev and Jordan Marinov. They were those to raise a little later the 27th Champions Title.

The start of the season was excellent with a win with 4:0 during the visit to Dobrudzha when Todor Pramatarov and Yordan Lechkov recorded two goals each in the net of the Dobrich team. One win followed the other. During the season Minyor was smashed with 7:0 in the game of the "Army Men" with the best results in this championship.

The team of Asparuh Nikodimov finished with 47 points, with two more than those of Levski which ranked second and with 10 ahead of Locomotive Plovdiv, Botev Plovdiv and Etar which had ended with equal results.

CSKA left no lasting trace after the participation of the club in the tournament for the Cup of Bulgaria and dropping out in the quarter finals after a defeat from Pirin, although it had won before that the game at home with 2:0 with two goals by Kiril Metkov. The Reds lost the rematch in Blagoevgrad with 0:3.

The football player of CSKA with the best results during the season was Yordan Lechkov with 17 goals, while another raw recruit - Ivaylo Andonov, had recorded 16 goals. The "Army Men" were the team with the best results in the championship. They had recorded 74 goals in the nets of their opponents.

In the tournament for the UEFA Cup in the first round was eliminated the Italian Parma, which was gradually gaining fame as one of the grands first on the Apennines and later on in Europe. With a sponsor like "Parmalat" and many millions behind their back, the Italians managed to get away with a draw (0:0) in Sofia, while in the rematch they were leading almost to the very end of the game with 1:0. Then the star of Veliyan Parushev rose above the scene when in the 88th minute he recorded a goal with a header and drowned in grief the "Ennio Tardini" stadium sending CSKA into the next stage. The success was made possible to a great extend thanks to the goalkeeper Georgi Velinov who in the course of the game saved a penalty and also made several amazing saves.



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