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1990 ★ "Golden Shoe", first Supercup, quintuple slap for Levski and the Cup of the Soviet Army in the hands of the "Army Men" forever

1990 ★ "Golden Shoe", first Supercup, quintuple slap for Levski and the Cup of the Soviet Army in the hands of the "Army Men" forever

Sitting, From left to right: Marin Bakalov, Kostadin Yanchev, Dimitar Mladenov, Petar Vitanov, Hristo Stoichkov, Emil Kostadinov, Luboslav Penev, Trifon Ivanov, Slavcho Iliev; Standing: Marius Urukov, Emil Dimitrov, Georgi Georgiev, Dimitar Penev (head coach), Doncho Donev, Ivaylo Kirov, Adalbert Zafirov; Third row: Stoil Trankov (coach), Biser Godinyachki, Rumen Apostolov, Stefan Bachev, Iliya Valov, Kiril Kachamanov, Petar Zhekov (coach)

Season 1989/90 shall remain emblematic in the history of the club. It shall be remembered with the first ever Supercup of Bulgaria won by CSKA. The Reds showed their superiority with 1:0 in the game in Burgas over the local team Chernomorets and raised in their hands this prize for the first time. Author of the goal was Hristo Stoichkov, who a few months later was to score four goals in the net of the eternal rival of the team. On October 1st 1989 the "Army Men" literally smashed the Blues and 5:0 was the minimum Levski and its fans could take away with from the national stadium. Some of the more famous footballers asked Stoichkov and the coach Dimitar Penev to have mercy because after the 5:0 there were 15 minutes more till the end of the game. The other goal was recorded by Trifon Ivanov who opened the score in the first half.

In the other game played by the Reds and the Blues Hristo Stoichkov decided to come out on the terrain with number 4, instead of with his emblematic number 8, reminding the opponents about his four goals in the net of Zdravko Zdravkov. The match on April 7th 1990 ended with a draw (2:2). The two goals of the "Army Men" were recorded by Petar Vitanov - Patrick.

During this championship Levski was not the only team to get away with a serious resounding slap. Trakia was defeated with 6:1, Botev Vratsa with 6:0 and 5:3 and Etar with 5:2.

At the end of September 1989 Lyuboslav Penev left the team and went to Valencia. The young player of CSKA had scored 12 goals in the first 6 games of the team and if he had remained in its composition for the eternal derby against Levski in October the result might have been much more impressive.

CSKA became the champion with 45 points followed by Slavia with 36. Levski ranked fourth with 35 points, just as many as those of Etar and Locomotive Sofia, but the team from the old Bulgarian capital had better indexes that the Blues and the Railroad Men.
CSKA reached the finals for the Cup of Bulgaria but lost from Sliven with 0:2 after the two goals from Yordan Lechkov who was to join the "Army Men" somewhat later.

The Reds won the last edition of the Cup of the Soviet Army. In the final game on the "Slavia" stadium in Sofia CSKA defeated Trakia Plovdiv with 2:1 after goals by Emil Kostadinov and Trifon Ivanov.

In the European Champions Cup tournament the Reds reached the quarter finals where they had to face Olympique Marseille which was a powerful team at that time. The French won the game in Sofia with 1:0 and the rematch on the "Velodrome" stadium with 3:1. The presentation of CSKA in the European Champions Cup tournament was estimated as very good, as before the match against Olympique Marseille of Bernard Tapie the team had eliminated Ruch Chorzow and the Czech grand Sparta Prague which had very good football players at that time.

Hristo Stoichkov won the "Golden Shoe" after he had recorded 38 goals during the season and shared this award with the forward of Real Madrid Hugo Sanchez.



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