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Conditions of Use

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1. Season cards.
They are announced before the start of the season and are offered for sale in two variants: as entire season and half-season subscription cards. The subscription card is personal and contains information about the level of access in terms of the respective stadium entrance, line and place. The payment is made based on further indications by the club.
2. Tickets for particular games or competitions.
The tickets are personal and entitle their holders to the designated place for the home games for the first team of CSKA. The level of access is specified therein in respect of the calendar - the date, time and place.
For additional questions: the E-mail address is: sales@cska.bg and Call Center: ......................; address: Sofia, Dragan Tsankov Blvd No.3, "Bulgarian Army" stadium, Administration.
3. In case of changes in the schedules of the competitions, the purchased tickets remain valid. Such changes do not entitle the buyers to a refund of the price of the entry ticket, or compensation for any damages or injuries.
4. Tickets / season cards can be transferred only following the respective procedure. A change of the name can be made online in the website cska.bg. This is valid only for cardholders evidencing their official membership to the club CSKA: "RED HEARTS".
5. CSKA reserves the right to offer during the season a limited number of packages, including such under particularly favorable economic conditions.
6. The option of declaring a ticket invalid is vested in the competent administrative authorities.
7. In case of a duplication of a place an equivalent one is to be offered.
8. The purchase of entry tickets is to be done only through the official channels of CSKA. In particular, in case of a purchase through the Internet, it should be done only through the authorized sites and in accordance with the procedures established by CSKA. The Company shall not be responsible for any troubles caused in connection with tickets purchased through channels other than those authorized.
9. Minors may gain access to the stadium only if they are accompanied by adults, holders of tickets or season cards. The conditions concerning the prices for minors shall be announced by the club.
10. Please take into consideration the fact that during the 2017/2018 season some sectors will be affected by maintenance and modernization procedures, which could lead to some discomfort during the sports season.


11.  All visitors of the stadium must comply with this Regulation and the regulations issued by FIFA, UEFA and the public security authorities.
12. Conduct
• Anyone who enters the stadium must comply with these regulations;
• Possession of a document for access and compliance with this regulation are conditions on entry and stay in the stadium;
• Failure to comply with the regulations shall lead to immediate termination of the right of access, with subsequent removal of the offender from the stadium in combination with a fine of BGN 100 to 500. If the offender has already been sanctioned for the same season, for this or any other action, the punishment may be increased up to half of the maximum value and a ban could be imposed on any access to sport events for the entire season;
• To enter the stadium you will need only your ticket or season card;
• The ticket for the stadium is for personal access and can not be sold to third parties, except in the cases and manner prescribed by the rules of the club;
• To access the stadium, the holder of the ticket or the season card may be required to present a valid identity document in order to enable the staff to verify the correspondence between the holder and the name of the actual user;
• Checks of the ticket / season card granting access should be possible to be performed at any time at the request of stewards and therefore it should be keept by its owner untill the exit from the stadium;
• A spectator has the right / obligation to occupy the place indicated on his/her ticket or season card and for security reasons has no right to occupy a different place, even if it is empty without the express permission of the club;
• A spectator may be subject to checks by the stewards also by using a metal detector to prevent the introduction of prohibited materials;
• The club may refuse entry to the stadium, including for the next events, of those who violate these regulations;
• Specific choreography may be offered and executed in accordance with the provisions of the law and the decisions taken by the club but only within individual sectors of the stadium and only at the initiative of individuals or groups who usually organize the overall management of all related activities. The possibility to be offered and organized a special interesting choreography in many sectors of the stadium is of exclusive right of the club.


 • Possession of cold weapons and / or firearms, explosives, pyrotechnics, smoke, illuminating torches, stones, knives or other sharp or cutting objects, sound instruments (drums, trumpets, musical instruments of any kind), megaphones and other systems or Bass sound tools for issuance of targeted light beams (laser pointers, etc.) and other items that may endanger the safety of persons, disturbing or threatening the smooth running of the respective sports event;
• The use of alcohol of any kind;
• Possession of drugs, poisons, toxic substances, flammable materials, paints, etc .;
• Entry drunken / intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances;
• To take in liquids in cans or in glass or plastic bottles;
• To bring in animals of any kind;
• Putting on jackets or clothes equal or similar by color and shape to those of the stewards and the other workers related to the service provided at the sports facility;
• The creation of unauthorized choreography, which is different from that approved by the sports club. Anyone interested should contact the sports club in advance and submit the required special documentation;
• Use of banners, signs, horizontal banners, flags, documents, drawings and other printed or written material containing propaganda of ideological and religious doctrines, policies or statements or concepts that incite violence, racial hatred, ethnic or religious grounds, which may endanger or impede the smooth running of the sport competitions;
• Use of materials that prevent other spectators to see the emergency signs and hinder the use of the escape routes to the exits or to the terrain;
• Aggressive acts against the stewards and / or the security officers;
;• Expressions, even in choirs or in written statements; all forms of racial, ethnic or religious grounds, or engagement in other forms of intolerance;
• Carrying out of any business that has not been permitted by the club in an instrument in writing.
• Behavior that may cause harm to other spectators;
• Damages or tampering in any way with facilities, infrastructure and services;
• Climbing on the railings, walls and other structures that are not intended for public stay;
• Taking place on the steps blocking the access and evacuation routes and any other escape routes;
• Wheelchair access for the disabled and prams can only happen through a designated entrance.


• Any breach of this regulation is subject to an administrative penalty;
• No use of emblems and symbols of organizations disseminating discrimination or violence because of racial, ethnic, national or religious grounds;
• No urging of violence at sporting events;
• No use of hazardous materials and fireworks;
• No circumvention of the protective partitioning nets;
• No invasion of the football field;
• Inside and outside the stadium the video surveillance system is active. All recorded images will be made available to the judicial and law enforcement authorities. The data is processed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
• The personal data of the buyers of tickets, cards, etc. are processed for the purposes and in the manner prescribed by the law and the contract acquisition.



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